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  • Aug

    Self Cling car window stickers you can write on

    Posted by Harris Screen Print

    Self Cling car window stickers you can write on

    These permit car window stickers are printed onto static cling vinyl (also known as self cling vinyl) which means they have no glue stickiness to them, they stay put on the inside of the car window through static properties alone.

    This type of car permit sticker are face printed onto white static cling vinyl, which makes them very convenient to write onto.  Within your design you can have one or more blank boxes to write into, such as registration number, expiry date, name, department, lot number etc.

    You write onto the car window stickers using either a biro or a permanent marker pen.  Either way we recommend a UV stable pen so that your pen ink doesn't fade quickly in the sunlight. 

    Our stickers are manufactured in house using solvent based inks, which means the colours will hold up to UV/sunlight.

    the most popular size for car window stickers being used as permit car stickers to remain in the window long term is 75mm diameter circles, however you can have any size and shape.  One off events or festivals often have larger stickers (often A6 or A5 size) so they are easily identifiable by the event organisers and parking marshalls.