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Computer Artwork for Printing Stickers



If you have your own artwork, please email:

Spot Colour Designsoriginated artwork file saved as .eps or .pdf is preferred (fully vectorised, with text saved to outline to preserve fonts) colours selected as pantone references.

Full Colour Designs: originated artwork file saved as .eps or .pdf with all colours selected as CYMK (or we can use image files, providing they are saved to high resolution).

Bleed off: If your design bleeds off the sticker please allow 2mm bleed which will be cut off during the trimming/cutting process.


Large Files?  For files too large to email, please contact us and we’ll advise how to send the file online (we recommend sending via "sendthisfile" website which is free of charge)

No Artwork?  If you do not have your own artwork, we can prepare this for you at no extra charge (providing your design is straight forward and you supply any logos or images in the correct format).

If in doubt, feel free to send over what you do have and we will happily advise you.

Proofing  We email finalised artwork for approval prior to print production (which is a .pdf viewing file).



Inks  Our screen-print inks are fully light fast and waterproof.  This makes our stickers ideal for outdoor all-weather and water-sport use.  Our Digital full colour inks are also fully lightfast and waterproof.

Spot colour printing  Our inks are mixed to solid colours using the pantone matching system. If you do not have specific pantone references colours in your design, we can match these closely as possible to your CMYK colour or can mix ink to match a swatch of colour posted to us.

Full colour process (digital printed) Printed directly from computer software to your custom sticker, using CYMK inks, and pantone references can be matched.

Special Inks  Can be used for screen printing (extra charge applies).  These include metalic pantone colours, including silver, gold and bronze, flourescent inks and Glow in the Dark.

Inks used for double sided stickers When printing double sided stickers, after the reserve side colours are complete, we print opaque white, followed by a silver blocker, then another opaque white, before printing the second side. This prevents show-through between the two sides.

Self Adhesive and Static Cling Vinyl for Stickers


Below are our most popular material choices:

Permanent Self-Adhesive Vinyl Very durable adhesive and tearproof. Ideal for long term use on windows, or outdoor use.  As long as the surface you are applying your stickers to is dry, clean and smooth on application, they can easily last more than 10 years (even stays put underwater on dive tanks, surfboards etc).

Removable Self-Adhesive Vinyl Durable low-tack adhesive coating.  Similar to permanent self-adhesive vinyl, but can be removed easier than permanent if removed within 6 months of application.  This is the most popular for shop window stickers and car rear window stickers.

Static Cling Vinyl For use on the inside of glass, easy to remove as it has no adhesive coating.  Suitable for clean, dry, dust free glass surfaces/windows. Popular choice for parking permit stickers, charity campaigns and promotions.   Can be transferred or repositioned with ease and without leaving sticky residue.  Also known as self cling vinyl.

High Tack Self-adhesive Vinyl Ideal for stickers that need to go onto irregular surfaces requiring high adhesion, including polypropylenes.    Due to its aggressive adhesion, HI TACK is great where you need your stickers to be very difficult to remove.

Self-adhesive paper Popular for on-roll stickers.  We can apply matt or semi-gloss varnish so your stickers have a professional finish.

Still Unsure?  We are always happy to advise, just email or give us a call.

Stickers on rolls, on sheets and singles


As individuals Rectangle and square stickers are guillotined to size as individuals.  Circles, ovals and any other shapes are die cut to shape and supplied as individuals.

On sheets Screen Printed stickers supplied on sheets are kiss-cut using a die-cut kiss cutter on a platen (we have a vast range of cutters in stock).  Digital stickers supplied on sheets are print and cut in a single process and no cutter is required for this production method. 

On rolls Stickers supplied on rolls are kiss-cut using a die-cut kiss cutter.  If we do not have the size and shape on-roll cutter in stock for your design, we can quote to manufacture a new on-roll cutter.  The quantity of stickers per roll will vary depending on a variety of factors (including size, shape and total quantity ordered).  We manufacture the most cost effective quantity per roll, normally starting at 1,000 stickers per roll.  We are happy to manufacture lower quantities per roll, but this will be refelcted in the price quoted - please specify at quote stage.

What is the most cost effective way to manufacture stickers? Unless you specify the finish you require, we will always advise and quote for the most cost effective way to supply your stickers.  There are many factors that have to be taken into account to advise which is the most cost effective supply method for your specficification.

Guillotining, Die-cutting and kiss-cutting  We have a wide selection of stock-sized cutters for circles, ovals and radius corners for cutting right out and kiss cutting.  Our screen printed stickers that are square or rectangle are cut down to size on an industrial guillotine. We also manufacture cutters for almost any size and shape (for certain orders we digitally print and cut through a single manufacturing process resulting in kiss cuts on oversized backings or on sheets).